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Who are we?  We are the people working behind the scenes in the imaging industry, bringing the newest technology and gear to market; specifically designed to enhance your images and creativity.  

We are photographers & cinematographers who actually use the products you’ll find on our website.  Founded in 1988, we are an importer and distributor of the finest image-making hardware and accessories for the Canadian marketplace.

We look at what we do as one half of the equation.  The other half is YOU.  In order to create the most amazing, astounding, mind-blowing, emotion stirring image; we need YOUR creativity, YOUR imagination.

Awesome images – that’s what we’re all about – helping you capture and create amazing images. Images with texture, images you want to touch, taste or experience. Once in a lifetime shots. Memories with emotion and drama.  With the right imaging gear you can bring dreams to life. And we’re here to help !