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Target Use: Suitable as a large main light when positioned 
3-7.6m (10-25ft) from your subject. This shadowless LED light is an excellent choice to accomodate larger product shots,   professional group shots and many video shoots where needing to light a large area with a single, stationary, large light is required. The light can also be safely suspended from ceiling mounted light tracks when using the included cable lock. Multiple lights can be used to achieve any lighting ratio.

Target User Profile: Studio or Location Videographer/ Cinematographer or Photographer, shooting with
a Pro Video Camera or Pro DSLR. 
Fast prime lenses are perfect
with this light.


The LMX-LDF1500RV has a total output of 1500 watts - tungsten equivalent
Soft shadowless light ideal for stills and video
Convenient rear-panel LCD status display
Separate dial controls for dimming from 10% to 100% & colour temperature settings
Colour temp adjustment from 3200K - 5600K 
DMX In & DMX Out XLR sockets
2 x V-Mount battery plates
Ball & Socket L-shaped rear mounting arm
Long lasting 50,000 hour bulb life (factory rated) with a flat, slim space-saving chassis
Light stand or suspended rail mountable
Comes complete with dedicated AC power supply & XLR-style DMX control cables 

Illuminance    1900 Lux/m
Metered Exposure Equivalent    F/11, 1/60 th sec. 
800 ISO @ 10ft
Power Consumption    120W
Dimmable    10% - 100%
Kelvin Temperature    3200K - 5600K +/- 300K
Diameter cm (in)     80 (31.5)
Depth cm (in)    8.7 (3.4)
Weight kg (lbs)    9.23 (20.35)


Limited Warranty

Lumahawk products are warranted against poor workmanship and defective materials for a period of 1 year from the date for purchase. This warranty does not include abuse, careless handling, collateral damage and / or normal wear and tear. It is Nadel Enterprises Inc.’s option and discretion whether to repair or replace or reject the warranty claim.