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Target Use: Suitable as a large main light when positioned 
2.4 - 6.1m (8 -20ft) from your subject. This shadowless LED light is an excellent choice to accomodate larger 
product shots, professional group shots and
many video shoots where needing to light a 
large area with a single, stationary, large light
is required. Multiple lights can be used to 
achieve any lighting ratio.

Target User Profile: Studio or Location 
Videographer/ Cinematographer or 
Photographer, shooting with
a Pro Video Camera or Pro DSLR. 
Fast prime lenses are perfect
with this light.


The LMX-LDF818SV has a total output of 818 watts - tungsten equivalent
Soft shadowless light ideal for stills and video
Convenient rear-panel LCD status display
Separate dial controls for dimming from 10% to 100% & colour temperature settings
Colour temp adjustment from 3200K - 5600K 
DMX In & DMX Out XLR sockets
1 x V-Mount battery plate
U-shaped side mounting bracket with lock arms
Long lasting 50,000 hour bulb life (factory rated) with a flat, slim space-saving chassis
Light stand or suspended rail mountable
Comes complete with dedicated AC power supply & XLR-style DMX control cables 

Illuminance    1400 Lux/m
Metered Exposure Equivalent    F/8, 1/60 th sec. 
800 ISO @ 10ft
Power Consumption    80W
Dimmable    10% - 100%
Kelvin Temperature    3200K - 5600K +/- 300K
Width x Height cm (in)     54 x 54  (21 x 21)
Depth cm (in)    6.5 (2.6)
Weight kg (lbs)    5.94 (13.1)


Limited Warranty

Lumahawk products are warranted against poor workmanship and defective materials for a period of 1 year from the date for purchase. This warranty does not include abuse, careless handling, collateral damage and / or normal wear and tear. It is Nadel Enterprises Inc.’s option and discretion whether to repair or replace or reject the warranty claim.