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The OPUS CL275 lamp head is made of sturdy aluminum and houses 3 - 26-watt compact spiral CFL bulbs. The lamp sockets have been designed to sit at complimentary angles to eliminate unwanted shadows unlike other lamp heads. Much cooler than regular tungsten ‘hot’ lights, this head deliver a bright 275-watt tungsten-equivalent light output at a colour temperature of 6400 degrees Kelvin.

2 x OPL-CL275 Cool Light Heads 2 x 7' Light Stand

Limited Warranty

OPUS products are warranted against poor workmanship and defective materials for a period of 1 year from the date for purchase. This warranty does not include abuse, careless handling, collateral damage and / or normal wear and tear. It is Nadel Enterprises Inc.’s option and discretion whether to repair or replace or reject the warranty claim.