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The Velbon Ultrek 43DII is the ultimate in tripod design, featuring legs that rotate a full 180 degrees for storage. It extends to a full-sized, eye-level height tripod complete with QHD-43D heavy-duty ball head.

*Extremely compact tripod with rapid-deployment in the field thanks to the patented ULTRA-style legs and the solid cam-lock locking system *Exceptionally strong joints since each leg section extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing *Unique oval & groove leg-style allows for solid locking by engaging the leg sections securely, slightly off-center *Perfect for medium-sized D-SLRs, larger P&S and compact video cameras *2-section extendable center column *3-position multi-angular legs easily allow for low-angle shooting for stills or video *3 bubble levels for accurate set up in any configuration


Maximum Height – 155.8cm/61.34in

Standard Height – 139.6cm/54.96in

Minimum Height – 34.2cm/13.46in

Folded Dimension – 28.9cm/11.38in

Total Weight – 1.15kg/2.53lbs

Maximum Loading Weight – 3.5kg/7.72lbs

Recommended Loading Weight – 3kg/6.61lbs

Leg Diameter & Number of Sections – 24mm/0.94in – 6 sections

All Velbon products carry a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase by the original end user.